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"My First Computer" Georgia

A project carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia involving all the first graders in the Country.

University Academy Keighley

To best impact the student experience, University Academy Keighley provided every learner and teacher with a Chromebook.

Acer Smart Touch Kit

Replace the outdated chalkboard or whiteboard with an Acer projector and Smart Touch Kit to make learning more engaging and interactive

QPR Exchange Programme

An exchange program between London-based QPR FC in and the Orlando Pirates in Johannesburg, South Africa.

ACM for digital classroom

Acer Classroom Manager allows teachers to focus on teaching, rather than managing the various technological devices.

Filey Junior School using Acer Chromebooks

This video explores how Acer technology made an almost instant positive impact to creative expression, staff/student collaboration and engagement at Finley Junior School, in UK.

Acer and Skype to study and have fun

Thanks to Acer for Education and Skype, pupils in South Africa were able to share a fun classroom experience with a school in Serbia.

Acer tablets in Finish school

Students and teacher in Finland are using Acer Windows-based tablets to explore the world of knowledge.

Using Acer tablets in De Nassau School

Students in the Netherlands are using Acer Aspire Switch in their studies, having all education materials in digital format.

Digital Education at Liceo Gioia

A fantastic example of a new education approach at Liceo Gioia in Piacenza.

How technology can improve teaching

Integrating technology in the teaching process. See how this teacher prepares a lesson using a tablet.

Technology for studying

Your laptop is always with you - whether it's for homework, chatting with friends, watching videos, listening to music.

Acer Classroom Manager

With ACM, teachers can easily control and interact with their students either individually or in groups.

3.0 Classroom in Ancona, Italy

Discover a new teaching and learning philosophy where environment and technologies are the drivers.

Acer for Education

Acer believes that the most valuable part of computing is easy access to technology and spreading of knowledge.

Science and Technology Train

Acer and TCS have partnered with various leading universities in South Africa to establish the first ever Science and Technology Train.

Orlando Pirates Learning Centre

This Centre has proven to be yet another success, highlighting the effectiveness of technology in education.

Student Technology Program

This Program initiative illustrates how learning techniques are shaped by technology, meeting university studies’ demands.

Tshwane University of Technology

Acer regards its involvement in education with high priority by providing accessible and affordable technology to students.