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National Desktop and Notebook Agreement

The NDNA is a framework agreement that started on the 1st August 2009 having been formed from the merger of the outgoing IRDA (Inter-Regional Desktop Agreement) and NNA (National Notebook Agreement).The agreement originated as a procurement exercise run by LUPC (London Universities Purchasing Consortium) and it is to all consortia-affiliated universities and colleges of higher and further education. The agreement is aimed at making your purchasing as easy and streamlined as possible. The agreement also includes significant benefits over traditional purchasing routes.

It is split into three lots:

  • Desktops (Lot 1)
  • Notebooks (Lot 2)
  • One-Stop Shop (Lot 3)

The NDNA enables you to purchase industry leading Acer computing through 3 qualified partners:

  • Getech
  • Gaia
  • Stone

By purchasing Acer products through the NDNA you can realise the following benefits:

  • 20% estimated potential savings – Also available to staff and students
  • Acer Reliability promise on selected products
  • Acer Performance promise on selected products
  • Negotiated terms of contract that includes delivery
  • Stable product roadmaps
  • Free packaging removal services and free equipment disposal at end of life
  • Configuration tool
  • Acer Office Manager installed on all Notebooks and Desktops
  • Free download of Acer Classroom Manager available
  • Regularly benchmarked prices
  • Easy and secure procurement process that is EU Compliant
  • Buyers guides to help your decision making
  • Maximise your budget and your IT capability

To contact an Acer Education specialist please email or visit