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Acer Education Ecosystem

Offering a 360-degree ecosystem, Acer for Education brings together hardware, software, innovative technologies, best in class service and partnership network to meet the requirements of the schools of tomorrow.

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Acer Devices 1’’ to 300’’

Our hardware solutions feature tablets, 2-in-1 devices, notebooks, Chromebooks, desktops, monitors and projectors. As well as coding products and software solutions, designed to support always-connected learning environments.

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Innovative Technologies

Acer’s innovative solutions provide students the tools that put the power of learning, sharing and engaging right into their hands. Acer Cloud Professor, Acer Being Signage and Acer Windows Mixed Reality Solution strengthen individual student capabilities and help them learn by doing.

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Software & Apps

Acer’s range of software solutions and Apps focus on creating adaptive learning environments to prepare students for their future:
- Acer Classroom Manager, to make classroom management easier;
- Acer Smart Touch that turns any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard;
- DADA that helps to deploy education Apps on a bunch of Android tablets;
- Geogebra that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package;
- Texthelp that give students extra help with reading and writing, in the classroom and at home.

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Professional Development Partners

Acer partners with key Professional Development companies, such as AppsEvents and EdTechTeam, that offer schools and teachers high-level professional development training to enrich their knowledge and inspire them to look for new and exciting ways to teach.

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Alliance Partners

We closely cooperate with Alliance Partners such as Microsoft, Intel and Google to empower students and teachers to create new ways of teaching and learning. In addition, we work with Institutional Partners to devise new learning scenarios, enabling Acer to field-test products to provide the education community with value added solutions.

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Solution Centers & Education Partners

Acer Education Partners act as a link between Acer and the world of schools and universities, providing end-to-end adaptive solutions that fit their specific setting. The Acer Education Solution Centre community is dedicated to a limited number of reseller partners with a high level of expertise providing 360-degree solution for ever-evolving pedagogical processes.

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Innovative School Program

The Acer Innovative School program is specifically conceived to select and support schools that have embraced Acer technology to try out new teaching and learning environments designed to give today’s generation the instruments they need to develop 21st-century skills and succeed in the information age. The first 15 Acer Innovative selected schools are from Finland, Denmark, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, South Africa and Kuwait. This reflects Acer for Education deep-rooted commitment to bring innovation and technology to schools from every corner of the region.

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Institutional Partners

European Schoolnet and UCC University College are the international institutional partners that work with Acer to create new and stimulating learning scenarios, and enable to field-test the products to ensure the education community receives the finest value-added solutions.

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Best-in class Service

When students, teachers and educational institutions buy an Acer product they receive access to an integrated structure of contact centers and repair centers owned by the Acer Group, which guarantees a perfect synchronization of the service chain and prevents technical issues from disrupting the learning process.

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