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Acer and Google Chromebook Pilot Project

Acer and Google launch Educational Research & Development Programme

Strong partners with long-term commitment in education
Together with Google for Education, who aims to help students love learning and inspire their curiosity, Acer has decided to explore the impact of Chromebook technology and Google Apps on the education process in primary and secondary schools. The Chromebook Research & Professional Development Programme has been launched by Acer and Google in spring 2015 in collaboration with European Schoolnet, a network of 30 Ministries of Education in Europe, with whom Acer has already been working for several years on various projects. The European Schoolnet runs major education communities for teaching, learning and collaborating leading the way in bringing change in schooling through the use of new technology.

Chromebook Research & Professional Development Programme
Acer and Google for Education have selected schools from the UK, the Netherlands and Spain to participate in the project in order to support their teaching and help student engagement and excitement about learning. Each school has selected two teachers as “technology ambassadors” in their schools who are keen to explore innovative pedagogical scenarios using Acer Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education. The teachers selected for the Programme have been trained on Google Apps and on the Future Classroom Toolkit, a valuable resource developed by European Schoolnet to ensure that classroom technologies can support new ways of teaching. Workshops and Hangouts sessions will enable teachers to develop their own pathway of innovation of classroom teaching practices with Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education. The first workshop took place 16-17th March in Brussels in the Future Classroom Lab (, an inspirational learning environment in Brussels. The feedback received from all workshop participants was very positive, as it helped teachers to step out from their everyday work and think creatively on how to improve their lessons using technology.

The project is scheduled to run for one year in selected schools and an evaluation analysis of the integrated Acer and Google technologies will be made available accordingly. The evaluation of the Chromebook Development Programme aims to explore the role of Acer Chromebooks, the associated Google tools and the related professional development programme in the development of the pedagogical, classroom management and innovation processes.