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ExaColor™ provides sRGB-like1 display quality by tuning the color temperature2 and contrast gamma value3

Visual - ExaColor

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Color Intelligence™

Color Intelligence™ dynamically adjusts gamma and saturation in real-time, optimizing screen color, brightness and saturation without clipping and over saturation.

Visual - Color Intelligence

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Zero Air Gap

Zero Air Gap removes air from the viewing area and eliminates surface-to-surface reflection for brighter, crisper images.

Visual - Zero Air Gap

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Acer VisionCare

Enjoy a full suite of eye-protecting features with Acer VisionCare.


Visual - VisionCare

Acer Display Widget

On–Screen-Displays (OSD) are changing and now Acer provides a software-controllable OSD rather than the traditional button version.


Visual - Display Widget


Showing whiter whites and blacker blacks, and the full range of colours in between, HDR gives monitors more lifelike images.


Visual - HDR

RGB Light Sense

Create the perfect atmosphere for gaming, movies, and more.


Visual - RGB Light Sense

Colour Calibrator

Fine tune the colours on your screen to absolute perfection with the Colour Calibrator.


Visual - Color Calibrator

Agile-Splendor IPS

Acer’s high-speed IPS panels utilize a fast liquid crystal technology to reduce native response times while maintaining a DCI-P3 color gamut of 90% or better.


Visual - Agile-Splendor IPS

1. sRGB is equal to 72% NTSC.
2. D65 is intended to represent average daylight and has a correlated color temperature of approximately 6500K.
3. Display contrast gamma value has been determined as 2.2, which achieves performance that is close to sRGB standards.