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Cloud-connected devices have greatly impacted the way today’s workforce collaborates, accesses information, and completes tasks. Acer Chrome devices leverage the inherent advantages of cloud computing to create an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage collaborative environment for companies and their employees.

Instant collaborative environment

Boosting employee productivity is one of the biggest strategies for decreasing costs and increasing revenues for any organization, and IT decision-makers at successful companies are starting to explore ways to maximize the productivity of their workforce.

Managing modern employees effectively and bringing them into technology transformation efforts present a number of challenges for IT and business decision-makers, including security concerns and budget constraints.

Acer’s cloud-native devices are designed to maximize productivity thanks to boot times of around 8 seconds and a long battery life for Instant access to company communications and all-day efficiency.

Acer + Chrome Enterprise delivers “cloud-native” simplicity and paves the way for innovative productivity applications.

Get to work

Acer’s range of cloud-native products make it easy for workers to get up and running quickly with super-fast boot times and familiar interfaces.

• Devices boot in under 8 seconds
• Background updates
• Secure, cloud-based backup
• Eight+ hours of battery life
• Automatic app save and sync

Grab and Go

A frictionless experience that lets employees pick up an Acer Chromebook and get back to work in the time it takes to enter a password.

• Secure, scalable systems
• Continuous availability
• Fully managed services
• Cost-effective infrastructure

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Built for Security

Acer Chrome devices give enterprises an opportunity to provide a smaller attack surface, multi-layer security and simple, fast updates.

• Encrypt user data
• Prevent OS tampering
• Reduce on-device data footprint
• Regularly patch and update
• Deter user negligence


Built for efficiency

Cloud-connected devices is a transformative technology that offers flexible, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure.

• Secure, scalable systems
• Continuous availability
• Fully managed services
• Cost-effective infrastructure
• Simplified Workflow Orchestration