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New AeroBlade™ 3D Fan

AeroBlade 3D - Overview Large
New AeroBlade - KSP 1 - Large

Process of Perfecting AeroBlade™

Refining our thermal technology and improving on the overall design is a nonstop process. With each generation, the fan blades take on a new shape — allowing us to increase airflow and, with the latest improvement, minimise turbulence.

New AeroBlade - KSP 2 - Large

Less Noise, More Airflow

Within the enclosed, blower-style casing, airflow is trapped between the blades, entering through the intake and leaving through the exhaust. The new design, however, has a serrated edge to reduce noise caused by turbulence when spinning at high speeds.

New AeroBlade - KSP 3 - Large

A Bionic Approach

In our efforts to increase airflow and reduce noise, we decided to look outwards — most notably towards owls. By mimicking the silent yet high-speed flight mechanics of these animals, we improved on our AeroBlade™ design. Like the wingtip of an owl, the edge of our fan was made serrated to allow small packets of air to pass through.

New AeroBlade - KSP 4 - Large

Adding Stability

At high speeds, greater turbulence means greater noise. To reduce this happening, winglets were added to the top and bottom of each fan blade — resulting in even greater stabilisation.

New AeroBlade - KSP 5 - Large

Greater Cooling Confirmed

The success of the latest evolution in AeroBlade™ 3D Technology was confirmed with a 45%1 increase in airflow over the generic plastic fan2 — all while spinning at more silent speeds.

New AeroBlade - KSP 6 - Large

Enjoy the Silence

In addition to increased airflow, noise caused by turbulence is also reduced.

New AeroBlade - KSP 7 - Large

1 Results measured in CFM using synthetic modelling. Actual performance and design may vary depending on model.
2 Generic plastic fan based on 2015 model.