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Unlocking the Unlimited Potential of Colour in 2018

2018 Colour Story

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Trend Insight

It’s important to keep up to date with the latest design trends, and here at Acer we take that very seriously. Each year, we analyse the changes in global trends across a variety of fields from technology, economics, society and beyond. Through a continuous process of brainstorming and analysing external factors, Acer’s various departments are able to have an accurate grasp of future trends.

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Colour & Material Inspiration

Trends change and evolve, and this affects how colours and textures are presented. Through the use of a large and comprehensive database of colours and materials, inspiration is available whenever it’s required.

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An Innovative Approach

Through close collaboration with a range of different industries, we are able to test new colours, materials and surface finishes to provide ideas for the next generation of designs.

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The Development of Trends

Trends don’t randomly appear, their development can always be traced. As trends evolve, transform and influence one another. With this in mind, it is Acer’s belief that we should focus on the four main trends of technology, humanities, craftsmanship and nature.

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The Four Major Colour Trends of 2018

In 2018 we have identified four visually distinct colour trends.

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Surreal Sense

As VR and AR technologies advance and create out-of-this-world visual experiences, surrealism in design is making a comeback. Mesmerising dynamic visual effects, achieved through intense colours and unique dynamic reflective properties, charm the beholder with mystique and allure.

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Extruding unparalleled confidence and class, Lava Red fills the senses with intensity and passion.

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Youth Formula

The rise of live streaming and internet celebrities demonstrate the youthful and energetic influence that millennials are having on the world. Diverse gradient effects and dreamy pastels are not only ahead of fashion trends, they also bring freshness and energy to everyday items and consumer electronics.

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Using the Youth Formula trend as inspiration, Honey Gold is chic and elegant, and is the most tasteful colour choice of 2018.

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Also inspired by the Youth Formula trend, Aqua Green is a pure and clear green tone that is young, refreshing, charming and unique.

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The materials and colours of this trend draw inspiration from the pristine beauty of Mother Nature, the mysterious wonders of outer space and the raw elegance of natural minerals. The materials inspired by this trend offer a touch of rawness and nature, while the polished metallic finish showcases high craftsmanship and the azure mysteriousness of the deep universe. These new elements combine nature and craftsmanship in the best way possible.

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Stellar Blue is a deep tone with a touch of shimmer. Reserved yet eye-catching, it gives off an air of low-key beauty and confidence.

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Showcase Your Taste with New Colour Trends

To let you express your personality in style, these four new colours are now available on the Swift series. The lightweight Swift 1 is available in Aqua Green, while the chic and powerful Swift 3 comes in confident Lava Red and shimmering Stellar Blue. And, as you’d expect from a stunningly light laptop, the Swift 5 is available in eye-catching Honey Gold.

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