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Get connected!
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Break Free

Loose the hassle of searching for a hotspot, logging in to an unreliable network and all the security concerns that come with accessing a public network. Whether working and travelling abroad, or simply surfing at your local café, with 4G LTE1, you can get connected when and where2 you want with ease and peace of mind.

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Making Life Easier for You

4G LTE technology provides lightning fast Internet connectivity with the aid of an eSIM card5. The Swift 3 and Swift 73 give you the connectivity and convenience you expect from a premium laptop through this amazing technology.

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Get Connected Now

Enjoy the power and versatility of 4G LTE with a one month, 1GB free trial4. Click the link below to start the excitement and keep your Swift laptop online and ready to go whenever and wherever you are!

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1 - Service activation required.
2 - Service not available in all countries.
3 - Not sold in all countries.
4 - Free trial not available in all countries.
5 - Swift 7 eSIM is embedded. Swift 3 eSIM is removable.