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For Industrial Designers

Transform the way you work with technology that allows you to demonstrate your designs in a stereoscopic 3D environment.

For Character Designers

Visualize your animations in real-time to create more realistic models, characters, and more.

For Product Designers

Review 3D designs both large and small in a full, stereoscopic 3D environment to better visualize your creations.

Full 3D Immersion

SpatialLabs™ uses advanced eye-tracking with a switchable 2D/3D stereoscopic display and real-time rendering technologies to bring you an immersive, glasses-free stereoscopic 3D experience – making it even easier to bring your virtual creations into the physical world.

A Suite of Experiences

SpatialLabs™ offers a variety of applications to provide improved immersion and a better sense of space during the design process while improving your workflow. The included player also allows for side-by-side playback of stereo or 3D videos while in Stereoscopic 3D Mode.

SpatialLabs™ Model Viewer

Let your clients see your design just like you do. Ready right out of the box and supporting all major 3D file formats, easily showcase your designs to clients in Stereoscopic 3D Mode to review, visualize, and demonstrate your ideas in incredible detail with a look around viewing experience.

Edit in 2D, View in Real-time 3D

Make use of an extra screen to edit your 3D models and scenes in 2D on an external display while viewing them side-by-side in real-time stereoscopic 3D on your device’s specialized display with the combination of Maya through PiStage or Blender through SpatialLabs™ Go.

Realize Your Ideas

SpatialLabs™ supports developers to create next-gen experiences using industry-standard tools such as Unreal Engine for areas such as showrooms, educational settings, health care, and more.