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Breaking with Tradition

Giving Gaming A New Look

Acer Design - Helios 300 SE - Overview Large

Each to Their Own

Through observations and interviews with gamers, a common theme was touched upon - that they want to stand out and break away from the stereotypical "gaming look."

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Mixing and Matching

Additionally, we found that most gamers today are going beyond just gaming. Many are doing more creator-like activities - thereby requiring variations in laptop specifications to meed their needs.

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Our Many Faces

The common thread among our intended audience is equal emphasis on gaming/work and other activities. Like in their own life, their computers must be dynamic enough to play multiple roles while fulfilling all daily needs.

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The Overall Experience

Experiences with emotional appeal will draw users in. By focusing on this approach, and creating a series of well-designed products,we intended to capture the attention of our audience.

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The Quiet Calm

In order to tone down some of the stereotypical gaming elements, we offered up softer backlighting and a quieter mouse and keyboard. This also permits users to work or play without disturing others around them.

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All-inclusive Color Options

Colors that don't associate with a specific identity or role have more impact in the current marketplace. We felt that white and gold was inclusive to all types of gamers and, on top of that, just looked incredible.

Acer Design - Helios 300 SE - KSP 6 Large

White & Gold Color Combination

The classic white and gold color combination looks good and adds class to the typical gaming laptop. From countless swatches of white and gold hues, we picked the look that we knew would resonate with gamers who wanted a new, refreshing style.

Acer Design - Helios 300 SE - KSP 7 Large

Cohesive Series Design

The carefully-designed color scheme, infused into the laptop and accessories, gives our users the option to pick the color that fits their personality. The elegant approach and carefully-focused design will undoubtedly enhance the experience and improve daily life activities.

Acer Design - Helios 300 SE - KSP 8 Large

Our Users Come First

Echoing the theme of quiet elegance, we added a silent mode to our PredatorSense utiliy app. The white and gold color combination is also used in the user interface as well.

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Predator Helios 300 Special Edition

Elegance, Gaming Reimagined

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