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Windows 10: Create a USB Recovery Drive using Acer Care Center — Acer Community

Ok I bought my ATC-10-UR-10 last year when Windows XP support was ending.  The system had Windows 8.1 on it.   I just did the free upgrade to windows 10. 

Upgrade Veriton X4610G to Windows 10 and NVMe PCIe SSD — Acer Community

My Acer Veriton X4610G desktop was shipped with Windows 7 on the internal HDD.

How to reset windows 10 login password without reset disc? — Acer Community

I forgot login password to my Acer laptop with running Windows 10, i didn't have a reset disc.

Acer Aspire ES1 111M cannot install windows 10 — Acer Community

I cannot update my netbook. During the Windows 8.1 to 10 update WHEA (blue screen error) error appears and windows 8.1 is reinstalled.

Acer Aspire E1-571 Windows 10 Pro 64bit — Acer Community

Hi, all i updated my Acer aspire e1-571 core i5 to windows 10 pro 64bit, by wiping the hard drive, not realizing that there's no product sticker underneath the laptop.

acer aspire switch 10 isn't listed on windows 10 — Acer Community

How come windows 10 is not listed for aspire switch 10?   It is compatible with switch 11 and switch12 but not for 10 ?  

Problem upgrading Win 8.1 ACER Aspire TC-603 desktop to Windows 10 Pro... — Acer Community

Hi,  I'm helping a relative upgrade his Aspire TC-603 desktop PC running Windows 8.1 Home, to Windows 10 Pro.  He procrastinated and missed the free upgrade but now has a WIn 10 DVD and License key.  Before trying to upgrade I ensured we downloaded and installed all available 8.1 upgrades and also got him to buy and install DriverEasy Pro which upgraded all his drivers without any problems.

Windows 10 will not shut down — Acer Community

I have Gateway DX4850; note that acer bought Gateway in 2007 and that is why I am posting on this website.  

Can I clean install of acer predator PH315-5 Windows 10 ..... 1803 version? — Acer Community

I am a user of acer predator windows is genuine that comes with my my windows 10 version is I want to go back 1803 build.but 10 days are gone and I deleted the old i have only way to go back by clean install of windows 10 ...1803 version by booting a USB or a question is ...if I do a clear install of 1803 version then my windows license will be gone or not?

Welcome to the Windows 10 forum - Start here first! — Acer Community

We want to provide a forum to discuss Microsoft's newest OS Windows 10 which has been announced to release to July 29th.