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Put on your Acer Mixed Reality Headset and feel what it’s like to be a Ghostbuster! In this all new immersive VR Experience, you’ll step right into the iconic Ghostbusters Firehouse, where ghostly surprises await you.

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How to Get Your VR Experience:

Get Your Game - Step 1

Step 1:

Go here to Register your Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset (AH101) Now.

Get Your Game - Step 2

Step 2:

Go to My VR Lounge to get your GhostBusters VR download code.

Get Your Game - Step 3

Step 3:

Sign in to the Microsoft Store using your Microsoft account and enter the download code to download the VR Experience.

Terms and Conditions

Limited time offer available with purchase of an Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Bundle offer. Offer good 2017/10/17 — 2018/10/16, or until all voucher codes are claimed. Voucher codes must be redeemed by 2018/10/16. Redeem codes at Redemption requires a Microsoft account, subject to Microsoft’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Purchasers of a qualified product, who have been provided a voucher code, shall be entitled to download ‘Ghostbuster VR: Now Hiring!’, availability of which is subject to change without prior notice. Acer is not responsible for lost or replacement voucher codes. No returns or exchanges of voucher codes permitted. Icons and images are simulated and are for illustrative purposes only. © 2017 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and Village Roadshow Films Global Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 2017 Layout and Design Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. “GHOSTBUSTERS” and GHOST DESIGN” are trademarks of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Acer is a trademark of Acer Inc. Other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved. Virtual Reality requires a VR viewing device. This Virtual Reality experience is not recommended for children and is not for prolonged or repeated use. Contains action that may be startling or intense. Please follow all instructions included with your headset before use. Stop use if the viewer experiences any dizziness, discomfort or other health reactions.

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