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Success Stories

Siam Commercial Bank

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) is the leading universal banking group in Thailand, with the highest market capitalization and the largest branch and ATM network. SCB was Thailand's first bank and now has around 20,000 employees. It has continued to grow and evolve to meet the demands of the increasingly competitive financial services landscape. The ever-growing SCB required a technology solution that could provide high performance and exceptional service, all at a reasonable price point. Acer provided SCB with a reliable solution that included 10,000 PCs, 1,500 notebooks and five years of onsite service, enabling it to continue to be the leading universal banking group in Thailand.

Sycamore Community Schools

Sycamore Community School wanted to expand its IT architecture to fulfill its mission "to equip students with critical skills that promote intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth." Building a robust and dynamic IT infrastructure required a partner that was willing to think outside the box. Acer was able to provide products with low repair rates and quick service to keep the PCs running in the classrooms. Improved PC reliability increased the teachers' daily PC use in the classroom and equipped students with plenty of new computer and collaboration skills.

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International School of Bangkok

The International School of Bangkok (ISB) is widely recognized as one of the premier international schools in the world. Established in 1951, ISB provides quality education to expatriates from more than 50 countries residing in the greater Bangkok area. When the school was looking for a server and storage solution to meet its growing needs, Acer delivered the right solution. Not only did Acer representatives provide the appropriate hardware, they also formed a strong connection with the school's IT team to deliver specialized service to satisfy their specific requirements.

National Center of HPC, Taiwan

Acer Group and its High-Performance Computing (HPC) partners, including Qlogic, DataDirect Networks, Platform Computing, and Allinea, worked together to build the key system for Taiwan's National Center for High-Performance Computing, the leading research institute on the island for all things HPC. The center works with academic and enterprise institutes on joint research and HPC service support in the fields of biotechnology, energy resources, water resources, life sciences and medicine, chemistry and more. This system offers an aggregate performance of over 177 TFLOPS and uses the latest AMD Opteron™ processors. It has a total of eight compute clusters, one large memory cluster, and more than 25,000 compute cores.

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Studio X-Gene

Studio X-Gene is an automotive design and engineering company that has established itself throughout Asia as a premier concept designer of motor vehicles. With Acer Veriton P series workstations, they have been able to help their customers get products to market faster.

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Supercomputing Conference

The Supercomputing Conference (SC), held since 1988, is one of the best known and most important supercomputing events worldwide. In 2011, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan, using super-computing devices sponsored by the Acer Server team, won the Student Cluster Competition held by the conference. At the 2014 SC in Seattle, Washington, NTHU student representatives again won an SCC prize for highest LINPACK, using devices provided by the Acer Server team. NTHU Professors Yeh-Ching Chung and Che-Rung Lee closely co-operated with Taiwan’s National Center for High-Performance Computing, Acer, and NVIDIA to enhance and optimize the server configurations.

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International Olympiad in Informatics

The 26th annual International Olympiad in Informatics was held in Taiwan in July 2014 with 80 national teams competing. Computing equipment for the event was sponsored by Acer and which provided over 800 devices including tablet PCs, notebooks, All-In-One PCs, monitors, servers and storage devices. Through deployment planning, the installation process, and performance and stress testing, the Acer team followed the strictest quality standards for whole system implementation. During the four-day contest, Acer products performed excellently and exceeded expectations.

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