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Accidental Disposition: Why Student Laptops Need Durability

Accidents will happen, but there are features worth looking for at the purchase point which can lessen the risk of damage. While many factors come into play when considering a student laptop – such as performance, usability, weight and aesthetics – durability should be given special consideration.

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Let the Games Begin! The Benefits of Esports at School

Like traditional sports, esports develops skills such as perseverance, teamwork, communication, and discipline. Additionally, they can expand student capabilities in the form of creative thinking, problem solving and decisionmaking.

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Health and Wellbeing: Concerns Rank Twice in Top Five Australian Student Challenges

In ‘The Future of Education’ report for 2021, five key issues have been earmarked as the top challenges facing secondary students – and two of those five leading challenges are characterised as mental health and wellbeing concerns.

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Schooling The Tech: Why Student Laptops Must Be Fit for Purpose

When it comes to choosing tools, one should always ask the question, has this been designed to suit the application? This rings especially true for education technology, where many factors come into consideration, including budget, longevity and suitability to student handling.

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How Teachers Can Help Students To Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

With many people working or studying from home, the use of the Internet has been more intensive than ever, and with it, digital forms of crime have also increased significantly.

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Teaching Empathy Through Technology

Nowadays, empathy is one of the most important soft skills in the workplace and everyday life.

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