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Decommissioning & Disposal

eWaste Management

We are committed to disposing of eWaste in the most environmentally friendly way possible to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill. We provide eWaste management and asset re-use services across multiple commodity types, all recycled in accordance with Acer’s downstream recycling process.

Data Sanitisation

We provide an onsite, and offsite, data-erasure service using the latest in market-leading software. Our process involves a 1-pass, 3-pass, or 7-pass data-erasure process and certification ensures all hard drive data is erased completely and responsibly.


Our de-commissioning and disposal service includes the coordination and separation of assets into eWaste and re-use units for re-sale. We also will handle the logistics, to ensure that old hardware is taken offsite promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to your organisation. In line with our commitment to minimise wastage, if the units are worthy of being resold, we will manage the data-sanitisation and re-selling of these, providing the profits back to you.