Gaming Mouse Pad


Predator M Size Mousepad - PMP713

Predator M Size Mousepad - PMP713

Gaming Mouse Pad

Model Name: Predator M Size Mousepad - PMP713

Part Number: NP.MSP11.00E

Responsive Precision

The dangerously comfortable, highly textured surface grants you the power to smite as you see fit.

Gaming Mousepad - Responsive Precision - ksp 01 desk

Non-Slip Rubber Base

Give no ground. Try as you may, the pad refuses to budge with its 3mm non-slip natural rubber backing.

Gaming Mousepad - Non-Slip Rubber Base - ksp 02 desk

Undeniable Comfort

Micro-textured finish made from a near friction-less surface compels consistent mouse movement.

Gaming Mousepad - Undeniable Comfort - ksp 03 desk

Heat-Bound Edging

You’ll live a fray-less existence thanks to the rubber base with heat-bound edging.

Gaming Mousepad - Heat-Bound Edging - ksp 04 desk

Just the Right Size

Sometimes, a big swipe is necessary to nail that shot. At 355x255mm, you have all the space you need.

Gaming Mousepad - Just the Right Size - ksp 05 desk

Resistance isn’t Futile

Oil, water and heat resistances keep your mousepad safe from the horrors of spills at temps under 180°C

Gaming Mousepad - Resistance isn’t Futile - ksp 06 desk

Physical Characteristics



Weight (Approximate)

189 g


255 mm


3 mm


Fabric - Surface
Natural Rubber - Base


355 mm

General Information

Product Line


Product Name

Predator M Size Mousepad (White)

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Product Type

Gaming Mouse Pad