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Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition1

Every purchase supports the National Geographic Society. A global non-profit committed to protecting the wonder of our world.

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Aspire Vero1

A green PC made from recycled plastic. Our commitment to a more sustainable future.

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Acer TravelMate Vero1

Make your organization’s green mark with an eco-friendly laptop designed for work.

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A Better Future Together

Through sustainable operations and corporate social responsibility, learn how we make our green mark together.

PC & ABS plastic material130% recycled plastic
Painted surface2Non-painted surface
Standard panel199% recyclable
Virgin plastic250% recycled plastic
60% recycled paper180% recycled paper
Plastic coating2100% paper box
Plastic bag185% recycled cardboard
EPS Styrofoam packaging285% recycled cardboard
Shrinkwrap385% recycled paper


Engineering a better tomorrow through innovative, integrated solutions.

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Intel and the Environment

Reducing environmental and climate impacts through projects and company-wide targets.

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Microsoft and Zero Waste

Making industry-leading commitments to be zero waste by 2030.

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Earthion for Business Partners

We work with our partners to promote sustainability for a better future.

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Project Humanity

Our employees work together to make environmental protection our top priority.

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Our ESG Achievements in Numbers2

We’ve been working to reduce the environmental footprint of our products. And with the launch of Vero, we’re just getting started.

50.1% Efficiency Increase

A 2021 Acer laptop is 50.1% more energy efficient than a 2011 Acer laptop.

Equal to 7 Mount Everests

Stacked tall, the sum height of all PCR-inclusive Acer laptops made in 2021 equals the height of 7 Mt. Everests.3

Equal to 11 x Around the Earth

Since 2011, Acer has saved 109,054 tons of carbon, equal to driving 274,074,406 miles.4

Our Champions of Change

Learn how the Aspire Vero is a top pick among those at the forefront of conservation and protecting our planet.

Rob Greenfield

Environmental advocate Rob Greenfield truly believes one man’s trash is his own treasure.

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Julian Cheong

For Singaporean photographer Julian Cheong, landscape photography is a way of communing with nature.

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Mats Rombaut

Sustainability designer Mats Rombaut constantly finds innovative alternatives for his creative process.

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1. Specifications may vary depending on model and/or region. All models subject to availability.

2. All data mentioned in this section will be disclosed on our Acer Sustainability website by Q2 2022.

3. Assuming the average thickness of a PCR-inclusive Acer laptop is 18 mm.

4. The equivalence of Acer’s 10-year carbon emission achievement to the driving distance of an average passenger vehicle is based on the calculation on the EPA website.