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Enhance and complement your experience in and outside the classroom with our wide range of accessories fully compatible with Acer devices.

LEBA Innovation Solutions

NoteCart Flex

Store, charge and move school devices effortlessly with the NoteCart Flex series.
Standard versions can hold 16, 24, 32 or 36 devices simultaneously. The cabinets' 4 wheels make it easy to move and fit anywhere, no matter the devices' weight or rooms' floor type.
Plus, all cabinets comply with the most strict safety requirements, making them safe to use in all schools across EMEA.

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The NoteLocker series keeps your school devices safe, charged and always ready to use.
Each cabinet comes fully assembled with 8, 10 or 12 separate rooms. For added safety, you can choose among manual or electronic combination locks or, alternatively, padlock grips on the doors.
All NoteLockers comply with the highest security and European standards and can be used safely in all EMEA schools.

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