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Acer Chrome devices leverage the inherent advantages of cloud computing to give enterprises an opportunity to rethink the traditional endpoint model, providing a smaller attack surface, multi-layer security and simple, fast updates.

Seamless management

Our cloud-native devices include a range of security features that protect applications and streamline many of the tasks involved in updating and patching operating systems – all backed by the power of Chrome Enterprise.

Most IT departments today will confirm that it’s far easier to manage and secure information assets and track and update software on a central cloud platform instead of on hundreds of vulnerable endpoints because on a cloud-based architecture, far fewer pieces of software are installed on endpoints.

Distributed devices still need firmware and an operating system, but not the dozens of utilities, drivers, browsers, business applications, and personal apps that accumulate on traditional endpoints.

Acer + Chrome Enterprise delivers “cloud-native” security, strengthened endpoint security and simplified endpoint management.

Multi-layered device security

Each layer of a Chromebook works together to provide unique security benefits.

• Encrypted user data
• Verified boot sequence
• Low on-device footprint
• Process sandboxing
• Background updates

Endpoint protection

Acer Chromebooks make it easy to monitor endpoints, identify vulnerabilities, and detect compromises.

• Centralized administration abilities
• Solution-oriented approach
• Simplified security policy management
• Reduced data stored on device

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Built for simplicity

Cloud-connected devices have greatly impacted the way today’s workforce collaborates, accesses information, and completes tasks.

• Cloud-connected applications
• Background Updates
• Instant Collaborative Environment
• Cloud-native Security
• Grab and Go Devices


Built for efficiency

Cloud-connected devices is a transformative technology that offers flexible, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure.

• Secure, scalable systems
• Continuous availability
• Fully managed services
• Cost-effective infrastructure
• Simplified Workflow Orchestration