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Cloud-connected devices have the potential to be a transformative technology that offers flexible, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure.

Acer Chrome devices leverage the inherent advantages of cloud computing to lower costs, simplify operations, reduce security risks, and decrease downtime.

Simplicity. Security. Productivity.

Protecting endpoints is one of the greatest single challenges faced by cybersecurity and IT operations professionals, who go to considerable lengths to monitor endpoints, identify vulnerabilities, and detect compromises.

Operations teams are overwhelmed trying to enforce consistent images and to patch and update firmware, operating systems, utilities, drivers, browsers, and applications across hundreds of distributed devices.

Acer Chrome devices deliver innovative security and management capabilities. These include security features built into the hardware and firmware, effective use of sandboxing and user-level encryption, fast, seamless updating of operating systems, safe browsing, simple two-factor authentication, application whitelisting, and simple management of security and operational policies scaling to tens of thousands of users and devices.

Acer + Chrome Enterprise delivers “cloud-native” flexibility, scalability, and a cost-effective infrastructure.

Cloud Culture

Acer + Chrome Enterprise provide strong built-in redundancy and application availability.

• Secure, scalable systems
• Continuous availability
• Fully managed services
• Cost-effective infrastructure

Cloud Computing

Acer + Chrome Enterprise devices protect users against threats and deliver trusted apps to employees.

• Advanced Security Controls for IT
• Simplified Workflow Orchestration
• Flexible Access
• Built-in AI

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Built for simplicity

Cloud-connected devices have greatly impacted the way today’s workforce collaborates, accesses information, and completes tasks.

• Cloud-connected applications
• Background Updates
• Instant Collaborative Environment
• Cloud-native Security
• Grab and Go Devices


Built for Security

Acer Chrome devices give enterprises an opportunity to provide a smaller attack surface, multi-layer security and simple, fast updates.

• Encrypt user data
• Prevent OS tampering
• Reduce on-device data footprint
• Regularly patch and update
• Deter user negligence