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Incredibly Compact

Less than 1 cm thick and lighter than 1 kg, featuring an ultra-slim bezel.

Swift 7 - KSP 1 - Large

Mobility Realized

Compact, light-weight and slim, effortless portability anywhere, everywhere.

Swift 7 - KSP 2 - Large

Always Better

In our designs, we strive to be always better than before.

Overcoming Challenges

We test countless possibilities, and break existing paradigms to achieve superior design.

Swift 7 - KSP 4 - Large

Minimization without Compromise

We moved the camera from the top edge of the screen to one side of the keyboard, and adopted retractable designs for a simple and clean look without compromising functionality.

Swift 7 - KSP 5 - Large
Retractable Camera Click for Greater Details
Fingerprint Power-On Click for Greater Details


Small is the new big. Precision designs for the perfect line and form. Created from magnesium-lithium and magnesium-aluminum alloy materials, this laptop is compact, ultra-light, slim and durable.

Swift 7 - KSP 6 - Large