Free 60-day Trial of Microsoft® Office 2007

Included with new Aspire notebooks and desktops at no additional cost, the 2007 Microsoft® Office suite is yours to discover! Enjoy this sneak peak at the latest in desktop productivity

Test drive the future

Before you buy, experience the free 60-day trial that includes the enhanced user interface and updated features with full functionality.


Get to know the new and improved features

With numerous new features and capabilities, the 2007 Microsoft® Office suite refines your digital desktop with a refreshed look and practical improvements for real increases to workplace efficiency.

Task-based menus and tool bars


Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® 2007 automatically display features based on the work you are doing.

Document recovery


Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® 2007 can help save files that are open when an unexpected error occurs.

Conditional formatting


Excel® 2007 features new data bars and colorful gradual fills you can use to format data.

Information management


OneNote® 2007 makes it easy to gather, store and manage information from a central location.

Compressed XML format


Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® 2007 offer a dramatic reduction in file size to save storage space and maximize bandwidth.



Try before you buy

Use the trial period to get to know the 2007 Microsoft® Office suite and then purchase it online to continue benefiting from its valuable new features. To activate your free 60-day trial, follow the three simple steps listed below:

1. Activate the 2007 Microsoft® Office suite included with your Acer PC.
2. Request a 60-day free trial activation key online.
3. Enter your trial activation key and complete the activation process.
4. Enjoy the 60-day trial and then purchase the 2007 Microsoft® Office suite from your nearest retailer.


* Void for Japanese versions and some Aspire PCs sold in North America.