Free 60-day Security Software Trial

Partnering together to provide you with the finest in computer and Internet protection, Acer and online security leader McAfee® are providing  new Acer PC owners with a 60-day trial version of McAfee Internet Security Suite pre-installed on your Acer PC.

Two Months of PC Protection without Paying a Penny Extra

McAfee Internet Security pre-installed on your Acer PC protects you and your PC investment against online threats ranging from viruses to identity fraud to email spam and more.
The first time you connect to the Internet, your McAfee security will automatically update to safeguard you against the very latest online threats.

Keep your PC protection current and get an additional 60 days by registering your McAfee protection right away. Simply complete a few basic set-up steps and you’ll continue to be safeguarded by McAfee’s award-winning security software.
McAfee Internet Security Suite Features Comprehensive Protection

McAfee provides you with always updating security that proactively guards your PC and what you value, blocks offensive content and prevents malicious activity from happening whenever and wherever you go online.

Essential prevention and protection for your identity, PC, and online experience
  Advises you about unsafe web sites using McAfee SiteAdvisor’s website safety ratings

Detects and erases viruses and spyware

  Guards against hackers, identity thieves and cybercriminals
Continuously and automatically updates with the latest software and threat security data
  Simple to set up and use
  Improves your PC speed and health by cleaning clutter off your computer

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Always Active, Always Updating

Follow this easy 2-step process to quickly secure your system.

Step 1. Start Your 60-day Protection.
Just click on the M icon found on your desktop to automatically launch your pre-installed McAfee Internet Security.

Step 2. Stay Protected.
To keep your PC secure renew your McAfee subscription when your 60-day trial expires.

Enjoy your new Acer PC!