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  • What is Acer clear.fi?
    Acer clear.fi is a cross-platform solution that integrates with consumer electronics for media enjoyment and sharing. Acer clear.fi harnesses the very best technology to create an entertainment environment wherein digital media from various devices is readily available to users anywhere in the home or on the go.
  • Why would I want Acer clear.fi?
    The idea behind clear.fi is that it fulfills people's wish to have their consumer electronic devices seamlessly communicate with each other so they can conveniently share and enjoy their digital media wherever they go within the house or outside of it. clear.fi is easy to set up, and makes it easy to find and share content. With clear.fi or the clear.fi client installed, all PCs and wireless devices connect to the clear.fi network, enabling a broader media-sharing experience.
  • What can I do with Acer clear.fi?
    Acer clear.fi is used in the home or on the go. Here are some examples of what you can do with clear.fi devices in your household:
    • • Acquire, store, access and enjoy digital music, videos and photos from anywhere in the home or from the Internet.
    • • Effortlessly browse, manage, print and share digital photos.
    • • Watch movies from any device on your home network.
    • • Publish content from any device in your home network to online social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr and YouTube™.
  • Is clear.fi easy to set up?
    It's very easy to set up! Simply connect your clear.fi devices to your home network, and Acer clear.fi software will auto-detect those devices. Then you're ready to enjoy digital freedom.
  • What do I need to use clear.fi?
    To use clear.fi, you need a home network (wired or wireless) and devices with clear.fi or the clear.fi client installed software. You may already have a home network, which shares your broadband Internet connection. The home network connects your various consumer electronic devices (i.e., computer, cell phone, TV, etc.), and clear.fi software is the single, easy-to-use means of communication among all of the devices. In the Acer family of products, look for devices that have the clear.fi logo.
  • Are clear.fi and DLNA the same?
    Acer clear.fi follows the DLNA 1.5 standard, so it can work with PCs that are also DLNA 1.5 certified, regardless of brand.
  • Can non-Acer PCs integrate into the clear.fi environment?
    With the clear.fi client installed, DLNA 1.5-certified PCs and wireless devices of any brand can easily be connected to the clear.fi network for a broader media-sharing experience.