Acer recommends Windows 8.

Aspire R7

The notebook designed for touch

The Ezel™ hinge

The patented Ezel™ hinge provides the right resistance at the right time so you can easily convert the Aspire R7 Series with just one hand and the touchscreen stays nice and still when you tap and scroll with your fingers.

Notebook Ezel™ Mode Pad Display

Usage Modes

As an ordinary notebook the Aspire R7 Series is extraordinary. This PC is packed with high-end components to enhance productivity and entertainment.


Usage Modes
Ezel™ Mode

This mode brings the touchscreen closer to you -- a position that's more efficient and comfortable for combining touch control and typing.


Usage Modes

One fluid motion converts the Aspire R7 Series into a touch notepad with the power of a desktop computer. Pad mode is ideal for drawing with a stylus or for browsing on your lap.


Usage Modes

Flip the screen over and invite others to join you for a viewing session. In this mode you can focus solely on the display because the keyboard is out of sight.


Premier multimedia

The Full HD display makes visuals pop with life, and four speakers plus Dolby® Home Theater® v4 pump out four times the acoustic power of conventional notebooks.