Design you can feel

Tactile Textile

Touch is by far the most interesting and necessary of the “five senses.”

We present users with a familiar sense of tactile feedback that is already part of their everyday lives.

The journey of creating a familiar tactile feel

Fabric Study

Discerning unique characteristics of various fabrics


Converting select fabrics into embossed seals


Experimenting with patterns and their textures

Tactile impressions for life

Friendly, sophisticated, familiar

Cross-hairline textile-like textures on resin

Metallic, delicate, comfortable

Cross-hairline textures with non-conductive coating technology IMR on plastic

Silky, soft, unique

Cross-hairline textile-like textures with Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) on aluminum

Silky, exquisite, smooth

Cross-hairline textile-like textures on anodized aluminium

Touch and aesthetics interwoven