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Acer's Solutions for K-12 Education

Acer offers products and solutions designed with the challenges within K-12 in mind. Today's students must be taught 21st century skills like creativity, problem solving, communication, and analytical thinking to compete in the global, increasingly digital marketplace. However, administrators and educators are faced with shrinking budgets and limited resources to achieve these goals.
As a global leader in personal computing solutions, Acer is focused to aid in the accomplishment of these objectives by providing innovative and extremely cost effective solutions to the global education community.

1 to 1 Computing

WHAT: 1:1 mandate programs put a mobile solution in the hands of every student, faculty and staff member at your institution. Also referred to as universal student access or student mobile computing, 1:1 computing programs are gaining in popularity across the nation, and it's easy to see why.

WHY: Setting up every student with their own PC gives them equal access to technology and helps keep them engaged. Classrooms become more dynamic, and campuses save money when costly computer labs are no longer needed. And in the competitive world of academia, a technology-rich environment is paramount to keeping enrollment high.

HOW: Acer's contribution is multi-fold. Not only can we provide high-quality, reliable mobile (notebook and Netbook) and desktop solutions, but we also work with schools and their PC fulfillment partners to develop full-service technology initiatives that are customized for your campus and cost effective.

  • Service and Support - Acer delivers a highly responsive program to support your day-to-day IT management. Benefits include clear repair guidelines access to 24/7/365 technical support.*
  • Marketing - Build your reputation as a visionary institution that attracts and keeps the best. Acer will help you develop and execute a plan to promote and brand your student mobile system mandate program.

* Service methods subject to change.

K-12 Success Stories

Engage students, attract and retain high-quality teachers, streamline administration and encourage parental involvement. All it takes is the right combination of technology, products and services from Acer. Find out how schools across the country have successfully implemented our products and services.