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MyWinLocker Suite provides the most essential & popular features, Yo-Safe and File Shredder, for your personal data security in everyday life. It combines two of EgisTec’s best selling products, helping users to store, manage and encrypt their important data; and at the same time provide the capability to destroy unwanted confidential files forever.

How can MyWinLocker Yo-Safe help you?

Do you have any secret photos or files that you want to hide? No worries! Just put them all into Yo-Safe, an INVISIBLE virtual safe to store all your private files where no one can see it.

How does Yo-safe work?

  1. Open Yo-Safe with your password;
  2. Put your secret photos/files into the folder;
  3. Close it from MyWinLocker Suite launcher, and then Yo-Safe disappears!

That’s it! Now nobody will find out about your secret storage space!

Acer PCs are pre-installed with a FREE trial version of EgisTec Shredder.

Deleting your digital financial information or business data and placing it in the recycle bin is NOT safe!

Anybody can easily retrieve it with a recovery tool easily available in the market. To prevent identity fraud or financial loss from data leakage, you need a data shredding software. Try out and discover how easy permanent data shredding can be.

EgisTec Shredder is completely secure, easy to use and shreds data at twice the speed ! Check out our video now.

Acer Bio-Protection*- Complete Fingerprint Solution

Let your fingerprint do all the work! With Acer Bio-Protection, you can work faster and smarter. The advanced biometric technology combines convenience and security when it comes to optimizing your PC capabilities. This unique fingerprint solution allows you to log on more securely & efficiently, manage your ever-increasing number of passwords securely and activate multiple commands simultaneously.

Less typing = more time on your hands!

Tired of trying to remember and type in those complicated passwords? See what fingerprint can do to help you! Check out our video now.

Password Bank with fingerprint application

You can now save all your IDs and passwords for multiple sites in a securely encrypted Password Bank. With your fingerprints, you can just swipe and have the system auto-fill the login details when you revisit your favorite sites again!