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Acer Explorer

What is Acer Explorer?

Acer Explorer, a custom Windows 8 application, will help you discover the applications and classic programs preloaded by Acer, as well as featured applications that are available for download in the Windows Store.

Discover what's out there

Let Acer Explorer introduce you to some of the more compelling apps, services and content available in Windows 8. Each solution is carefully chosen so you can get the most from your Acer device. Whether you are interested in reading books, making music, watching movies, playing games, or finding just that right tool, you will be able to find the solution you are looking for through Acer Explorer. Updated regularly so you can visit again and again, Acer Explorer provides you with a short description of the content, notes the top features, and often includes some tips as well.

Register and explore

Acer Explorer provides a quick and easy way to register your Windows 8 PC while also allowing you to sign up for an Acer ID. With your Acer ID, you can easily explore all your Acer services using a single account. Your single sign-in speeds your registration of all your Acer product purchases, shares the latest Acer service updates, and provides valuable information about new Acer products and services -- including special offers and upcoming events.

Access your device's full potential

Acer Explorer includes tutorials specifically tailored for your device and its software. Easily browse through the tutorials and select a topic you want to learn more about. New software and services will be automatically updated to make sure you're always in the know and able to access every bit of your device's potential.

All the support you need, all in one spot

Acer Explorer also gives you numerous ways to access Acer's support services. Keep your device up to date by downloading the latest drivers. Get information about your new PC and warranty. Need answers? Then easily search through the most frequently asked questions. If the answer isn't there, find out how to contact Acer technicians directly to get it.

Explore more

Acer Explorer, as a Windows 8 application, is easily and automatically updated. This will allow us at Acer to share more and more and provide this information in new and exciting ways. We hope you will visit us regularly.