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Portable LED

Model Name: C205

Part Number: MR.JH911.004

Share your ideas wherever you go with Acer Portable LED Projectors. Discuss concepts, show videos on big screens and motivate others while you’re on the road -- without needing a computer. With models as slim as 1" (24.5 mm), the world of self-expression now fits in your pocket.

RM 1259

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Helps the planet by saving energy, by not using hazardous substances, and by using recycled materials.


LED Light Source

LED light sources offer longer lifecycles, lower maintenance costs, eco-friendly benefits and wider color gamuts.


Acer EcoProjection

This device is designed to help the planet by automatically reducing standby power consumption by as much as 80%.



1. Specifications vary depending on model.
2. An adapter is required for connecting to a smartphone.

Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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